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Definitive Technology DT8R 2-way In-Ceiling Speaker White - ADIB00VXA9TVW Definitive Technology Disappearing Series 3.5" White In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speaker (Each) - UEQA Denon Heos 1 HS2 2-way Portable Speaker - Wireless - HEOS1-HS2BK
A well designed built-in speaker should excite your senses and immerse you in your favorite music or movie. That's a sure thing from Definitive Technology, renowned for building superior performing, high value bookshelf and floor standing speakers. The DT range uses the same technologies and engineering talent with every part developed from scratch to assure your enduring satisfaction - because good enough isn't acceptable. The DT8R is simply the most reliable, easy to install, best sounding 8" ceiling speaker anywhere near it's price. They are ideal for multi-room applications or mixed and matched with DI or DT Series inwalls for high performance disappearing home theater Powerful performance is practically invisible with the Definitive Technology Disappearing™ Series. Merely 4.56" in diameter, the DI 3.5R is about the same size as most of today's mini recessed lighting fixtures. Sleek, easy-to-install and designed to vanish into any décor, this impressive little loudspeaker produces full-bodied sound that's immersive but never intrusive. Enjoy outstanding audio inside or outside with these Bose Free Space 51 environmental speakers. The rugged speakers feature an innovative circular design that radiates sound out in a 360 pattern.
JBL Control 85M Two-Way 5.25" Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker (Single) - CONTROL85M Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System 2.1 Channel 100W RMS Wireless - 1062918 JBL Professional Control Contractor 23 2-way Outdoor Speaker - CONTROL23
Designed for outdoor applications, the Control 85M from JBL is a
weather-resistant mushroom-shaped coaxial speaker offering 360° coverage
and a broad frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz. Mounted on or in the
ground it provides quality music and paging in a variety of locations
including shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos,
resorts, restaurants, hospitality facilities, and entrance ways. The
speaker's compact enclosure is unobtrusive and blends in with its
surroundings. It resists abuse from lawn care equipment and the elements
and maintains its hunter green color even when scraped or scratched.
Incredible Acoustic Performance
Computer Speakers Powerful Enough to Double as Your Entertainment Center
Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
Subwoofer Generates Deep Authoritative Desk Shaking Lows
Compatible with other Devices via a Headphone Jack and Mini Plug Input
5" full-fidelity speakers for fixed indoor/outdoor installations.  The
smallest format of JBL's professional control contractor series, the
control 23 is perfect for foreground or background music and paging
applications.  The unique and global patent pending InvisiBall mounting
hardware is included in each system and makes short work of permanent
installation.  The InvisiBall mounting method adds the benefit of
vertical rotation of up to 37° off-axis and horizontal rotation of up to
44° off-axis.  These are made through a hidden access behind the logo
badge, the grill never needs to be removed.  Weather resistance is
maximized by coating the woofer cone in polypropylene and terminating
its circumference using WeatherEdge, a seamless, rubberized extension of
the woofer surround that provides added protection to critical
transducer (speaker) elements.
JBL Control 16C/T 2-Way 6.5" Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeakers (Pair, White) - CONTROL16CT JBL Control 23-1 Ultra-Compact Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker (Pair, Black) - CONTROL231 Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-4000F Floorstanding Speaker - 1065917
Styled in white, this pair of JBL Control 16C/T Speakers are designed to
suit a variety of spaces, such as cafes, places of business, airport
lounges, reception areas, court rooms,
and more. They feature a 2-way coaxial design, giving you a 6.5" cone
driver and a 0.75" soft-dome, liquid-cooled tweeter. With their coaxial
construction, these speakers deliver a more consistent sound off-axis,
which is a benefit for environments in which indirect listening takes
Designed by JBL, these Control 23-1 loudspeakers are two-way 3" indoor/outdoor monitors featuring weather-protected circuitry, natural and powerful representations of the frequency spectrum, black enclosures, and JBL's proprietary InvisiBall mounting hardware. This hardware allows you to install the speakers through a hidden access point behind its logo badge. As such, the Control 23-1 suitable for venues, health clubs, theme parks, cafes, or anywhere where foreground/background music—and paging—is a necessity.
2-Way Speaker Design
2x 4" Cerametallic Cone Woofers
1x 1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter
Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn
Klipsch Reference Series 6.5" Floorstanding Tower Speaker Black - 1060673 Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-500C 2-Way Center-Channel Speaker - 1065819 Bose B1 Bass Module PA Subwoofer 5.25" Black - BOL3519640010
It is jam-packed with the best-in-class audio technology for room-filling audiophile worthy sound. Your movies and music soar to new heights with the big powerful sound emitting from this bad boy. Fills small to medium rooms with powerful lifelike performances. Dynamic 1" aluminum. Linear Travel. Suspension horn-loaded tweeter. Dual 6.5" copper-spun high-output IMG woofers. Dimensions: 39" H x 7.8" W x 13.5" D. 2-Way Speaker Design
Up to 100W RMS Power Handling
1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter
Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn
This compact, powerful bass enclosure delivers the depth and impact of such instruments as bass guitars, drums, and low voices. Low-pitched wind or string instruments, guitars and keyboards can also benefit from the additional low-end output the B1 provides. Includes cable to connect module to power stand and slip cover.
JBL Control 88M Two-Way 8" Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker (Single) - CONTROL88M JBL Control 25-1 Compact Indoor/Outdoor Background/Foreground Speaker (Pair, White) - CONTROL251WH Definitive Technology ProSub 800 Compact Powered Subwoofer - PS800BK
Designed for commercial and industrial use, the CSMA 280 Commercial Series Mixer/Amplifier from JBL is a mixer/amplifier with eight mixer-channel inputs and two output channels. It's capable of reaching 80W of peak power with 10W per channel. The unit's front panel sports volume controls for each channel, as well as two master volume adjustment knobs, two sets of bass and treble controls, and a power switch. The volume controls are illuminated so they can be seen and operated in darkened environments. 5.25" woofers with woven fiberglass cone
0.75" PEI diaphragm tweeters with fluid cooling
Built-in InvisiBall mounting hardware
Weather-resistant enclosure and transducers
100° x 100° coverage
200W power handling of programmatic material in direct 8 Ohms setting, plus built-in multi-tap transformers
Frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz.
bass-reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
8" woofer pressure-coupled to an 8" low bass radiator
built-in 300-watt amplifier
frequency response: 20-150 Hz
continuously variable low-pass 40-150 Hz crossover
automatically powers off when it no longer receives signal from the receiver
speaker-level inputs and outputs
80 Hz fixed high-pass crossover for speaker-level outputs
LFE input for use with home theater receiver's subwoofer output
matte black finishHuge bass from a compact enclosure
11" cast basket active subwoofer pressure coupled to two 12" Low bass radiators
56 bit Digital Signal Processor(DSP)preamp stage
All-new 1500 Watt digital tracking power amplifier
Wireless connectivity (with purchase of optional SCW-100 wireless kit)
Performance Optimizer Remote control for convenient and precise system tweaking
High gloss lacquer finish complements any décor
Quick, tight accuracy for full music enjoyment
Explosive bass response for movies
Disappearing alpha-numeric display

JBL Control 25-1 2-way Outdoor PA Speaker - CONTROL251 JBL Control 26CT - Two Way Vented Ceiling Speaker with 6.5" Woofer for use with 70/100V - CONTROL26CT Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F 2-way Floor-Standing Speaker Ebony - RP5000F
Main Features 5.25" Woven-Fiberglass LF Drivers, 0.75" PEI Diaphragm Tweeters, 200W RMS at 8 Ohms, Durable, Weatherized Enclosures, Invisi - Ball Mounting Hardware, Zinc-Plated Grilles, Good for Off-Axis Listening, 60 Hz to 20 k-Hz Frequency Response. Designed by JBL these Control 25-1 loudspeakers are two-way 5.25 indoor/outdoor monitors featuring weather-protected circuitry natural and powerful representations of the frequency spectrum black enclosures and JBL's proprietary Invisi - Ball mounting hardware. This hardware allows you to install the speakers through a hidden access point behind its logo badge. As such the Control 25-1 suitable for venues health clubs theme parks cafes or anywhere where foreground/background music—and paging—is a necessity. These monitors are capable of handling 200W of programmatic material at 8 Ohms and feature a built-in multi-tap transformer for operation on distributed speaker lines. With an SPL of 110 d - B you can blast these speakers pretty loudly as well while their cone geometry ensures a pleasurable listening experience in both on and off-axis situations. Additionally their PEI diaphragms render a smooth high-frequency response. But sound is not the only consideration: Kapton voice coil formers JBL's Weather Edge rubberized extensions and a durable cabinet construction provide protection against heat rain wind or anything else the elements might throw at you in the coming years. Also while the Control 25-1 comes in a black finish it doesn't have to stay that way: these speakers accept a variety of finishes and pigments to match any surrounding. Capable of high-power handling and low distortion, JBL's ceiling mounted Control 26CT is ideal for upscale installs. Its performance ability ensures balanced sound throughout the listening area. The unit includes a multitap transformer for 70/100V systems.

The Control 26CT offers a very broad 110° area of coverage and is designed for longer, cooler operation, which allows for greater long-term power handling. A simpler and less-expensive install is achieved due to the coverage capability of the Control 26CT.
150 Watts power capability
Multi-tap transformer for 70/100V systems
75 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range (-10 dB)
Coaxially mounted 6.5" woofer with butyl rubber surround and 3/4" titanium coated diffraction-loaded tweeter
High power, wide-frequency response and low distortion for high sound level capability
Wide coverage allows for fewer speakers, reducing the cost of the installed sound system without sacrificing performance
It is jam-packed with the best-in-class audio technology for room-filling audiophile worthy sound. Your movies and music soar to new heights with the big powerful sound emitting from this bad boy. Fills small to medium rooms with powerful lifelike performances. Dynamic 1" aluminum. Linear Travel. Suspension horn-loaded tweeter. Dual 6.5" copper-spun high-output IMG woofers. Dimensions: 39" H x 7.8" W x 13.5" D.
Definitive Technology ST1 Stands for Demand Series D9 & D11 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black) - MFDA Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-400M 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - 1065931 Klipsch R-120SW 12" 400W Subwoofer - 1065959
ST1 bookshelf speaker stands are the perfect accessory for your Demand Series D9 and D11 bookshelf speakers. The elongated steel stand, MDF base plate and rubber speaker pads all combine to provide a solid and stable speaker foundation, ensuring clean, precise listening experience in everything you hear. Up to 50W Continuous Power Handling
2-Way Speaker Design
4" Cerametallic Cone Woofer
1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter
12" Copper-Spun IMG Woofer
400W Peak Dynamic Power / 200W RMS
Digital Amplification
29 to 120 Hz Frequency Response
Front-Firing Configuration
Klipsch Reference Series R-100SW 10" 300W Subwoofer - 1065957 JBL Control 29AV-1 8" 2-Way 300W Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker (Single, Black) - C29AV1 Sonos CONNECT Network Audio Player Wi-Fi - CTNZPUS1
10" Copper-Spun IMG Woofer
300W Peak Dynamic Power / 150W RMS
Digital Amplification
32 to 120 Hz Frequency Response
Front-Firing Configuration

The black JBL Control 29AV-1 is a passive 8" shielded loudspeaker with a low-saturation transformer designed for voice amplification and foreground music reproduction in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. The 110W transformer allows the Control 29AV-1 to be driven by 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm power amplifiers (available separately). Each Control 29AV-1 is equipped with a durable 8" Kevlar-cone woofer and a 1" titanium-diaphragm compression driver, yielding a frequency response of 43 Hz to 15 kHz, and a continuous program power capacity of 300W. With a rotatable horn, the loudspeaker supports positioning for horizontal or vertical orientation.
The sonos connect brings streaming music to your stereo or home theater. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or computer.
Definitive Technology CS9040 Two-Way Center Channel Speaker - KECA Klipsch RP-250F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker - RP250FEB Definitive Technology Disappearing Series DI 6.5LCR 2-Way Speaker (Single, Dual 6.5" Drivers) - UFBA
Two-Way Speaker Design
50 to 200W Recommended Amplifier Power
1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter
2x 4.5" Midrange
The Reference Premiere RP-250F is the most compact floorstanding speaker of the Reference Premiere lineup, filling a medium-sized room with theater-quality sound without taking up too much space. Features: 1"Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter Dual 5.25"Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofers 90x90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn All New Tractrix Port MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish Strong, Flexible Removable Grille Dimensions 36.10" x 7.87" x 14.82" Mounts Flush on Wall/Ceiling
White, Paintable Micro-Perf Grille
Two 6.5" BDSS Mid/Bass Drivers
1" Pure Aluminum Tweeter
Sonos Beam Soundbar Wireless - BEAMBLK Bose 251 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Pair Black - 24653 Sonos Beam Soundbar Wireless - BEAMWHT
Get more out of your home theater setup with this Sonos Beam compact smart soundbar. A 5-speaker with five amplifier setup delivers rich, big sound to your room, while the single-cable connection allows for fast, easy setup. Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control, this Sonos Beam compact smart soundbar lets you control the volume and power with the just sound of your voice. Award-winning 251 environmental speakers let you enjoy rich, balanced
stereo sound over a much wider area than most conventional outdoor
speakers. And 251 environmental speakers are tough enough to beat the
weather. These speakers connect to your stereo components or Lifestyle
system and mount to your exterior walls. With conventional outdoor
speakers, sound can only be heard with impact in a few "sweet spots"
instead of the broader range of your patio, pool or yard. But Bose 251
environmental speakers produce remarkably rich sound across a much wider
listening area.
Enhance the audio capability of your TV with this white Sonos Beam compact smart sound bar, which features voice activation through Amazon Alexa. Whether you're watching a movie or playing games, this system produces a wide spectrum of sound through four full-range woofers to fill every corner of the room. The plug-and-play feature of this Sonos Beam compact sound bar ensures easy setup.